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Join me on my journey to Norseman 2020.


My name is Brant Garvey and I am a paralympic triathlete, keynote speaker and mental health advocate.

In 2020, I will be competing in the toughest race on the planet: the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon.

Norseman is more than a personal goal of mine – I will be using this challenge to raise money and awareness for the millions of Australians who are battling a mental illness.

While I’ve competed in triathlons around the globe and won multiple world championships, this is a race unlike anything I’ve done before.

To conquer this challenge, I need the support of courageous organisations like yours.

By becoming a key sponsor of my race, I will give your brand a powerful platform and help you drive your marketing objectives throughout this awe-inspiring journey. 


The Norseman is a long-distance triathlon held every year in the town of Eidfjord, Norway. The event begins with all athletes jumping off the back of a ferry into the cold, dark waters of a local fjord. Each athlete will race against each other across three brutal courses:

  • 3.8km swim through the icy 10°C water

  • 180km bike course with 3000+ metres of elevation

  • 42.2km marathon 2000+ metres of elevation towards the summit of the local mountain

And just when you think the Norseman is difficult enough, it gets worse: 216km into the race if you’re not one of the first 160 of 290 athletes to make it past the cut-off point, you don’t get to finish on the top of Mt Gaustatoppen.








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